Antonio Pessoa
New Contemporary Drawings
---Ten years after the edition of The Black and White album, Antonio Pessoa starts a new collection of drawings, equipped with a new power of composition, a greater and better personality, a new contemporary visual arts purpose and a new ability to express a new artistic profile, providing the viewer with a new opportunnity to enjoy art's beauty and wonder.
---Taking advantage of this wonderful progress, Pessoa comes up with a high quality of drawing harmony, with a new splendor of invention, and innovative methods of visual accelerated motions. To say Black and White is back again is to say the least, for his wisdom of choice by cultivating once again one of his most distinguishing artistic charateristics, has proven to be so far a successful return to this fascinating world full of awesome possibilities.

Drawing Magic
---Back again to his drawing series, inevitably once again here to make a difference and leave his mark in Contemporary Art History, the artist expands his view through classic fine art tools such as graphite, now experiencing a boundless universe of possibilities, extremely creative as always and consistently eclectic, working out new ideas and finding unlimited solutions, a magical place for him and his dreams.
---Action time again!
---A special kind of action in which the artist shows us once again the multiple reasons explaining his increasing reputation as one of the most exciting Studio and Live performers today.
---However, reputation is no excuse for him to stop the breathtaking learning process, constantly determining his edge in Life and Art.
---Action time again!
---One of the most dynamic contemporary drawing experiences, the artist comes back revitalized by the challenges to tackle, breaking out of his comfort zone, inevitably once again discovering and expanding a new language so passionately contagious, achieving the drawing mastery from contemporary to visual speeches yet to be digested by art collectors and public.


Painting Live, or even, Painting Live - Feeling Alive, could also be the title of this new series of drawings by Antonio Pessoa, going back to those exciting years when he, as a stage performer as a musician led him to actually go on Live Fine Art Tours all over Europe, namely Amsterdam, London, Monaco, Paris, Barcelona, Ibiza, southern Spain and Albufeira, Portugal.

Even some art critics and experts claim that Pessoa's artistic highest level consists precisely in his drawing skills, let alone his natural and developed talent and experience to perform Live before a cheerful audience. One way or another, after the golden years of the Romantic Period up to now, the artist wisely decides to tenaciously cling to his skillful completeness as a contemporary Greatmaster, continually increasing in broader visions and new concepts by absorbing the very best of today's cutting edge references and make it better.
Painting Live, Feeling Alive, is definitely The Life. Anytime!
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